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Government Waste

OPINION: Jerry Brown Running California Much Like Rizzo’s City of Bell's column on how Controller John Chiang's announcement that California is running a $22 billion deficit shows that Governor Brown is mismanaging the state similar to how Robert Rizzo ran the city of Bell.

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OPINION: California lawmakers sue state controller for docking their pay for late budget

San Diego Examiner's Kimberly Dvorak reports that state lawmakers are suing State Controller, John Chiang, for withholding nearly $5,000 each of loss pay and expenses for failing to balance the state’s budget on time.

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OPINION: Now It's the Public’s Turn to Kill Off the CRA

Richard Lee Abrams of City Watch LA gives a brief history of the corrupt government funded CRA's and efforts to end them.

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EDITORIAL: Gov. Brown: ‘We're broke but must spend more'

Orange County Register editorial pointing out Governor Brown's hypocrisy in bemoaning the "wall of debt" California faces, while proposing increases in general fund spending.

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NEWS: Million-Dollar Nurses Show California’s Struggle to Cut Payroll

Michael B. Marois's article for Bloomberg detailing the issue of overpaid state workers and its continuing plight on efforts to fill California's budget deficit.

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