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Two-Thirds Vote

OPINION: Raising taxes: Why California needs its two-thirds rule

HJTA's own Jon Coupal responds to state Sen. Kevin de León's Oct. 18 Op-Ed article on removing the Legislature's two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes in the Los Angeles Time.

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EDITORIAL: California Democracy Act Poses Risk to Budget

The California Independent Voter Network comments on The California Democracy Act, which will be put to vote this November. As the commentary explains, this act aims not to fix the problems of California's political system but to destroy its foundation by removing the two-thirds vote requirement. This is a set up for major financial instability for the state.

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ARTICLE: Supreme Court Upholds Two-Thirds Requirement

The Supreme Court promptly dismissed the most recent lawsuit to overturn the two-thirds vote requirement, which claimed that the requirement was "unconstitutional." The court invoked its previous decision on the matter, in which it declared the requirement to be perfectly in line with constitutional law.  Read more >>

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ARTICLE: Two-Thirds Vote is Public's Best Friend

This article in the San Diego Union-Tribune explains how Sacramento lawmakers are blaming the budget crisis on the constitutional requirement that tax legislature must pass a two-thirds vote to become law. In the same breath, these lawmakers are trying to force a $7.9 billion education bonus nearly identical to the one voters rejected just last month. Clearly the problem lies not in the two-thirds requirement, nor in the actions of voters, but in lawmakers trying to sidestep California’s political process.  Read more >>

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ARTICLE: Blame the Unions

This article in the National Review Online highlights the numerous over-simplified explanations for California’s budget crisis offered by national media. These explanations point fingers at the California budget process, Proposition 13 and California voters. However, as the author shows, the true cause is something else entirely.

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