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Special Interests

Learn About Legislative Action

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association maintains a permanent legislative office in Sacramento where bills that can harm or help taxpayers are carefully reviewed and analyzed by our Legislative Analyst.

HJTA takes strong action to counter those bills which undermine the taxpayer protections contained in Proposition 13 and 218, the Right to Vote on Taxes  Read more >>

Why Can't Governments Treat Us Like Customers?

No doubt, most of us who have stood in a long line at an unresponsive institution like the Post Office have had such thoughts, before succumbing to the realization that when dealing with a total monopoly, you either accept the service you get or you get no service.  Read more >>

Phony Homeowners Group Fronts Phony Ballot Measure

The League of California Cities and their developer allies have constructed an initiative that has nothing of substance on the inside, and to further confuse the voters, they are featuring its support by the League of California Homeowners, Inc. While this attractive name may cause many voters to think this is a broad-based statewide homeowners organization, it is actually a corporation whose primary function is to act as a contractor referral service.  Read more >>

Property Owners Deserve Better

For those who believe that eminent domain should be reserved for legitimate government purposes like roads, schools and fire stations, and limiting the taking of property for private use, then the California Property Owners & Farmland Protection Act is the real deal.  Read more >>

Our Tax Dollars Turned Against Us

When the Legislature is in session, the Capitol is awash with millions of dollars worth of lobbying talent. You have never seen so many suits per square yard in your life.  Read more >>