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Sales Tax

NEWS: Sales tax rate map released for California

A newly released map from the State Board of Equalization offers a visual aid for taxpayers and also a sales tax lookup tool by zip code, reports the Victorville Daily Press. Generally, communities in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay area pay the highest sales taxes.

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OPINION: A Temporary Tax That Never Went Away

While celebrating the end of the temporary 1% sales tax increase enacted two years ago, George Runner of Fox & Hounds Daily looks back through history at other "temporary" sales tax increases that have proved to be anything but.

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May 19, a Big Win for Taxpayers

An open message to California Taxpayers...

With a 66% “no” vote, taxpayers have just sent the Sacramento politicians a strong message with the defeat of Proposition 1A — the $16 billion tax increase.

Sacramento, we're on to you! You are making war on working taxpayers and families and we are not going to take it anymore!  Read more >>

How to Defeat Local Sales Taxes

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Californians have been paying sales taxes since 1933 when the total tax rate was just 2.50%. Sales tax rates have been steadily increasing ever since, with combined state and local sales tax rates beginning to approach 10% in some local jurisdictions.  Read more >>

Arnold's Tax Hikes: Wrong and Illegal

It is no surprise that fiscal conservatives in California are appalled at the breathtaking assault on taxpayers proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both activists and elected leaders -- usually Republicans -- have responded with either derision or laughter (with perhaps some expletives mixed in).  Read more >>