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Real Estate

Proposition 13 is credited with stabilizing California counties' tax bases

For decades, Proposition 13 has been cast as the bane of cash-strapped local government, limiting property tax revenues even as California's housing market soared. But this week, as county assessors reported rising tax bases despite the housing slump, they credited the 30-year-old law -- revealing its unexpected role as an economic stabilizer.  Read more >>

Prop. 13 Has Something for Every Homeowner

For those who recently bought homes using sensible, conventional mortgages -- and who intend to remain in their homes -- there may be some good news in the midst of the housing slump. Because of Proposition 13, these properties likely qualify for a property tax reduction.  Read more >>

Taxpayers Shouldn't Be Held Liable For Bad Decisions By Borrowers, Lenders

While most Americans sympathize with their fellow citizens who may be about to rejoin the ranks of renters, the question must be asked: Should taxpayers be compelled to make good the bad lending and borrowing decisions by others over whom they have no control?  Read more >>

Keep Government Out of the Housing Market

Until recently, the closest thing to a sure bet was real estate. Especially in California. Buy a house, hold onto it for a few years, and you, too, could become a millionaire.  Read more >>

The Sky is Falling! Or is it?

As the stalemate over the budget continues into its seventh week, taxpayers are troubled over mischaracterizations in the mainstream media about who is responsible. The negative attention is focused on Senate Republicans who are being portrayed as the obstructionists. But viewed fairly, their position is both reasonable and mainstream.  Read more >>