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Property Taxes

ARTICLE: What Life Would Be Like Without Prop. 13

This article in the Chicago Tribune explains how Cook County property taxes will be rising by a median 20% and as high as 46% in some neighborhoods. This is what happens when property taxes, tied to sky-rocketing property values, are not protected by legislative efforts like Prop. 13.

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ARTICLE: LAUSD Seeks to Raise L.A. Property Taxes

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is attempting to pass an increase in property taxes by bypassing Proposition 13. Though the LAUSD claim these additional funds would improve L.A.’s broken education system, the funds would more likely be used to pad teachers’ salaries and to prevent layoffs. Associated Content reports on the full story.

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For What Are Taxpayers Thankful?

Our government officials seem to be living in a fantasy world. Facing a potential $28 billion shortfall over the next two years, the response by the governor and most in the Legislature is to seek to raise taxes while begging Washington for a bailout. Don't be surprised if their next plan is to have the state invest tax proceeds in lottery tickets in the hope of striking it rich.  Read more >>

Help save the home mortgage interest deduction!

California faces a $14.5 billion budget deficit because the free-spending politicians in Sacramento have spent too much for too long. But instead of cutting wasteful spending in state government to pay down the deficit and balance the budget once and for all, the tax-and-spend majority in the Legislature wants to punish you and every California homeowner by repealing the state home mortgage interest deduction.  Read more >>

Is Utah next for a cap on property taxes fashioned after Proposition 13?

Many Utah residents argue that a solution to escalating property taxes would be for the Legislature to enact a Proposition 13-type law that would cap the rate at which local governments can tax properties.  Read more >>

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