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NEWS: LA budget officials don't know how much money may be hidden in city departments

Southern California Public Radio reports the recent discovery of an extra $43 million in the Department of Transportation's budget calls into question just how little Los Angeles city leaders know about so-called "special funds."

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NEWS: Budget official sounds warning on LA finances

SF Gate reports Los Angeles could go bankrupt if it doesn't overhaul its finances with new taxes, possible layoffs and the privatization of some city services, according to the city's top budget official says.

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ARTICLE: L.A. County’s $6M Office Supply Habit

The Daily News reports on an effort by Los Angeles County officials to cut their runaway office supply budget. Thanks to a system that allows employees to choose their own supplies, the county spends $195,000 a year on pens alone. Kris Vosburgh, Executive Director of the HJTA, applauds the effort by County CEO Bill Fujioka to stop this waste of taxpayer money.

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ARTICLE: Fiscal Storm Brewing in Los Angeles

While the weather in L.A. is usually sunny, Reuters News has a stormy forecast for Mayor Villaraigosa. With a $212 million budget shortfall, falling property taxes and 15% unemployment, the mayor is poised to become a lightning rod for city employee unions, who staunchly oppose layoffs and pay cuts for their members.

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ARTICLE: MWD Retirement Plan to Affect 68% of L.A.

As this article in the Los Angeles Daily News shows, the new retirement plan for Metropolitan Water District employees will affect significant parts of Los Angeles County in addition to Orange County and San Diego. This plan, which will raise record high pensions even higher, would have already gone into affect had several counties not begun to protest, delaying the vote until the 13th. There's still time to make your voice heard!  Read more >>

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