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California Legislature

OPINION: On-time budget full of holes, games, gimmicks

Katy Grimes of Cal Watchdog reports the Legislature met its constitutional budget deadline, which means legislators will not be docked their pay this year. However, claims by legislative leadership that this budget really is a balanced, honest budget, free of gimmicks and accounting tricks were met with guffaws, anger and stiff verbal sparring on the floor of the Senate and Assembly Friday.

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NEWS: California Public Employees Win Concessions in New Budget

Bloomberg New reports the budget California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature sent to Governor Jerry Brown last week granted concessions to public employee unions even as talks continue on cutting programs for the poor.

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EDITORIAL: Democrats bow to labor on bankruptcy bill

The Modesto Bee reports despite objections from the mayors of California's 10 largest cities, the Assembly last week approved Assembly Bill 1692 by Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, which will make it harder for cities to seek bankruptcy protection.

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OPINION: Raising taxes: Why California needs its two-thirds rule

HJTA's own Jon Coupal responds to state Sen. Kevin de León's Oct. 18 Op-Ed article on removing the Legislature's two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes in the Los Angeles Time.

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NEWS: Last-minute 'gut and amend' laws bypass scrutiny in California

The Sacramento Bee's Laurel Rosenhall reviews the recent crop of "gut-and-amend" bills that were signed by Governor Brown in the last days of the legislative session.

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