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Scary Times Made Scarier By Property Tax Bills

For many, these are scary economic times as the value of homes and investments declines. Adding to the anxiety, property tax bills are arriving in mail boxes across the state.  Read more >>

Proposition 13 is credited with stabilizing California counties' tax bases

For decades, Proposition 13 has been cast as the bane of cash-strapped local government, limiting property tax revenues even as California's housing market soared. But this week, as county assessors reported rising tax bases despite the housing slump, they credited the 30-year-old law -- revealing its unexpected role as an economic stabilizer.  Read more >>

Something Scary Coming To Your Home

It's that scary time of year. No, not the little goblins trick-or-treating at your front door. What is frightening is the property tax bill in your mail box.  Read more >>

Know Your Property Tax Bill

Every year, about the time we start seeing pumpkins, an unpleasant, official looking envelope appears in property owners' mail boxes.

For most homeowners, the only solace when confronted by our property tax bill is knowing that, without Proposition 13, the amount owed would be nearly three times greater.  Read more >>

Closing the Assessment Loophole in Proposition 13

Proposition 13 could be rendered meaningless if Proposition 218 fails at the polls.

Consider: Proposition 13 is a law designed chiefly to protect property taxpayers. It put limits on how high and how fast property taxes can climb and requires a vote of the people on new local taxes. After Prop 13's success, bureaucrats looked for ways to raise revenues while avoiding Prop 13's restrictions. They hit upon assessment districts, which were historically used to fund capital improvements that directly benefited property.  Read more >>