(PR) New Radio spot Exposes Prop. 30 “Snake Oil”

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Sacramento – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association's No New Taxes Committee today released a new radio ad highlighting the trickery and empty promises of Prop. 30.

The new spot, which features HJTA President Jon Coupal, exposes the deceptive campaign by promoters of the Prop. 30 tax increase:

"Sacramento politicians are out pitching their Prop. 30 'snake oil,'" says Jon Coupal. "But what Proposition 30 really is … is a massive tax increase they claim is 'for our schools.' But even the California School Boards Association says the initiative provides no new funding for schools. None.

"These same politicians just gave hundreds of staffers pay raises, they approved the bullet train against the wishes of most Californians, and after Jerry Brown announced the closure of 70 state parks, we discover the Parks Department has been hiding $54 million dollars."

The ad goes on to point out that Californians already pay the highest state sales tax in the nation, along with the second-highest income tax. It also encourages citizens to go to the organization's website which is full of resources to fight Prop. 30.

The ad is paid for by No New Taxes - No on 30, a Project of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, with major funding by Jerry Perenchio.

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