As one of the largest grassroots anti-tax organizations in the nation, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association relies on the support of our Members, which allows us to influence legislation and protect taxpayers. Please use "Contact Your Representative" to the right of this page to urge your representative to support taxpayers when voting on the following important bills.

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HJTA PositionBill NumberTopicStatus
OpposeAB 59School districts: parcel taxes.Assembly Revenue & Taxation
Abrogates a recent Superior Court decision, Borikas v. Alameda Unified School District pertaining to the uniformity of property tax collection between residential and commercial properties.

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OpposeAB 243Local government: infrastructure and revitalization financing districts.Assembly Floor
Lowers the threshold for Infrastructure and Revitalization Finance Districts (IRFD's) to 55%

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OpposeAB 431Regional transportation plan: sustainable communities strategy: funding.Assembly Transportation
Broadly allows a number of local transportation planning agencies to impose a sales tax of no more than .5% to fund reductions in greenhouse gas emission levels.

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OpposeAB 468Insurance: Disaster Management, Preparedness, and Assistance SurchargeAssembly Natural Resources Committee
Repeals the fire tax and substitutes in its place a 4.8% insurance tax on residential and commercial properties

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OpposeAB 561Taxation: documentary transfer tax.Assembly Local Government
Allows municipalities to impose a large document transfer tax under certain conditions

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SupportAB 621Local government: bonds.Senate Governance and Finance
Prohibits a serious conflict of interest where bond firms first underwrite local bond measures, then engage financially and otherwise in the campaign to pass them. AB 621 prohibits the ability for these firms to campaign for bond measures they draft

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OpposeAB 690Jobs and infrastructure financing districts: voter approval.Assembly Local Government
Authorizes the creation of a Job and Infrastructure Finance District without a vote of the people. It should require a two-thirds vote

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SupportAB 925State officer or supervisory employee: personal liability for overpayment of compensation.Assembly Judiciary
Holds state employees liable for damages if they intentionally violate the law resulting in financial benefit for themselves.

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OpposeAB 1002Vehicles: registration fee: sustainable communities strategies.Assembly Transportation
Establishes an annual $6 vehicle registration fee tax increase

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SupportAB 1172Property tax: intercounty base year value transfers.Assembly Local Government
Broadens the provisions of Proposition 90 to allow for the transfer of base property taxes across all county lines, but beginning at age 65

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OpposeAB 1188Fire protection: general obligation bonds.Senate Governance and Finance
The statutory implementation measure to ACA 3 (Campos) which would lower the two-thirds vote to 55% for the approval of local bonds to fund various emergency service facilities projects.

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SupportAB 1237Local government finance.Assembly Local Government
Requires the State Controller to establish uniform accounting standards for local government entities including cities and special districts.

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OpposeAB 1324Vehicles: additional registration fees: vehicle theft crimesSenate Transportation
Allows Alameda and Contra Costa counties to increase vehicle registration fees without a vote of the people to fund vehicle theft prevention programs

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OpposeSB 1 Sustainable Communities Investment Authority.Senate Floor
Allows cities and counties to craft Joint Powers Authorities (a type of government entity) to fund affordable housing programs. This bill could be the beginning of a process to restore redevelopment agencies

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  • Senator Darryl Steinberg
OpposeSB 33Infrastructure financing districts: voter approval: repeal.Assembly Floor
Eliminates the two-thirds threshold to allow infrastructure finance districts to be created and approve bonds

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OpposeSB 241Oil Severance Tax Law.Senate Governance and Finance
Establishes a 9.9% oil severance tax

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SupportSB 594Use of public resources.Signed by Governor
Adds additional restrictions on the definition of public funds for local government associations, as well as additional audit requirements.

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OpposeSB 622Taxation: sweetened beverage tax: Children's Health Promotion Fund.Senate Gov. and Finance
Places a tax based on per teaspoon of sugar in sugary beverages

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OpposeSB 628Infrastructure financing: transit priority ProjectsAssembly Floor
Eliminates voting approval for the formation of infrastructure finance districts as well as to approve bonds for transit projects

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OpposeSB 700Natural resources: parks: carryout bags.Senate Environmental Quality
Places a five cent tax on every paper and plastic bag

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OpposeSB 768Cigarette and tobacco products taxes: California Tobacco Tax Act of 2014Senate Appropriations
Places a $2 tax on cigarettes

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