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Major Threats to Prop. 13 and Homeowners

MAJOR THREATS to Proposition 13 and homeowners

Bills That Threaten Homeowners and Small Businesses Are Currently Moving Through the Legislature!

The new Legislature is dominated by pro-tax politicians, and bills that undermine the taxpayer protections in Proposition 13 have been introduced and are being heard in committees. If approved, these bills could cost every property owner thousands of dollars annually.

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Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 (ACA 4), Jim Frazier (D—Solano County): Lowers the threshold for the imposition, extension or increase of local transportation special taxes from the Proposition 13-mandated two-thirds vote to 55%. Most transportation special tax increases consist of very regressive sales tax hikes. These add to the burden of California taxpayers who already pay the highest state sales tax in the nation. Special taxes can also include parcel taxes directly on property that only homeowners pay! Regardless of the type of special tax, the result will mean billions of new taxes if ACA 4 passes the Legislature and is approved by voters.

Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5), Loni Hancock (D—Berkeley): Lowers the threshold to 55% to allow voters within ANY city, county or special district to approve a special tax for ANY purpose. This is far and away the broadest application, and thus the most egregious example of any recent attack on Proposition 13.

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