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California tax facts: Why you are paying so much

Gas Tax 64.5 cents per gallon Highest in the U.S.
Sales Tax 7.50% Highest state sales tax in the U.S.
Income tax 9.3% (kicks in at $48,029)
10.3% over $250,000
11.3% over $500,000
13.3% over $1 million
Highest in the U.S.
Corporate Income tax 8.84% 8th highest in the U.S.
Property Taxes 15th highest in the U.S.
Business tax climate 3rd worst in the U.S.
State and local per capita tax burden 6th highest in the U.S.
State and local per capita debt 8th worst in the U.S.

(All above is based on information from except gas tax – source API)

California state and local government employees highest paid in all 50 states.
U.S. Census Bureau

California taxpayers are responsible for $62.1 billion unfunded liability for government retiree's health care benefits.
State controller John Chaing
(This is two-thirds the size of the state general fund.)

California taxpayers are responsible for $497.9 billion dollars in unfunded pension liability for government employees. About $24,000 per California household.
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Local pension costs are growing twice as fast as spending on emergency services, health, education, parks and social programs.
Californians Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility

CA has the 3rd highest state unemployment rate. (Nov, 2012) – 9.8%. National unemployment rate 7.8%.
Bureau of Labor Statistics

California has 12% of America's population and 33% of the nation's welfare recipients.
Department of Health and Human Services.
(Extra high benefits, paid for by taxpayers, make state a "welfare magnet.")

California has the worst credit rating of all states.
Standard and Poors

Californians face the sixth-highest energy costs among all states.
Small Business and Enterprise Council
(A consequence of over bearing government intrusion.)

California is losing residents to other states. During the past decade, 4.9 million left the state, 3.7 million came in. Net outmigration: 1.2 million. Total lost economic production: $29.4 billion. Lost tax revenues, about $2.9 billion for the decade. That's almost a third of the $8.5 billion Gov. Jerry Brown seeks in his tax increase on the November ballot.
O.C. Register, May 29, 2012

Businesses are fleeing the state. In 2011, 254 businesses left California and the exodus continues in 2012.
Joseph Vranich, business location consultant

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